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The Right Clothing Wholesaler Is The Key To Your Success.

A clothing store or boutique's life line is it's wholesale-clothing-supplier. Without a constant flow of current trendy fashions your store will most likely fail in time. Furthermore, offering irregular or dated clothing to you customers will force you to work at lower margins and as a result your profits will suffer greatly. The key is finding a top rated wholesaler to work with, as a result your store will achieve optimal profitability.

For over 40 years we have worked with buyers all over the world. Our clients are enjoying years of profitable longevity utilizing us as their primary wholesale-clothing source. Why? It's very simple. We only deal in 1st Quality trendy or trending clothing at prices that can most often handle a keystone plus 20% mark-up.

Years Of Experience

We have paid close attention over the years to how the clothing stores we work with achieve and maintain success. In addition, we have also noted the pitfalls that resulted in store closures. The primary reason for most failures is inventory control. Buying from a wholesale-clothing company who offers dated or irregular products no matter what the price will have a negative effect on your stores "BRAND". Word of mouth is the best referral you can hope for. Therefore, if you Include old or irregular merchandise. Consequently, visitors to your store will be telling friends and family members not to go to your store due to the quality and age of your merchandise.

Our Buyers

Especially relevant is our 75 years of collective buying experience our buyers have their fingers on the pulse of the junior and women's clothing market. We have a unique ability to realize consumer buying trends by examining inventory, culture and multiple media platforms. Furthermore, we also breakdown these results by socioeconomic, geographic region and nationality. As a result you are afforded a worry free wholesale buying experience, any clothing purchased from us will almost always sell at a profitable margin.

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