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Your Best Source For Trendy Clothing From NYC's Fashion District


We are an online women's clothing and accessories distributor in business located in Hackensack, NJ USA. We buy deals all over the world at great prices and share these products and savings with our customers. Our goal is to help your business succeed and prosper and create a product mix for you that will enhance your business venture. We have no minimums, however some items come in 6 packs,12 packs etc. Many items can be purchased one at a time. Please call us at any time. We will try to help you in any way possible.


We are a United States based wholesale clothing supplier located minutes away from NYC's fashion district in Hackensack NJ. We are distinctly different from other clothing wholesalers. We know how difficult it can be to discern quality garments from scratchy miss sized and irregular clothing by looking at a photograph. At MeetPrice.com we are so confident that you will love the feel, fit and fabrics we offer we allow you to include samples. If you are not sure if an item is a great fit for your store, simply order simply choose the "1 Sample" option and we will include it with you order. We sell open stock and ONLY carry 1st quality current trendy wholesale fashion apparel. All of our wholesale clothes and accessories are 100% guaranteed against defect or miss sizing. We bring you an amazing array of apparel in many brands and 60 to 100 new styles every week.


Fashion trends are changing so rapidly that the days of waiting and then following a trend and reaping profits are over! Lest we forget that disposable income is down 30% in this economy. Juniors and women are no longer buying to buy. Ironically, as your customers purse strings tighten they are spending more money on more expensive clothing items, as long as its a current trending style and of premium quality. We have also found that clothing consumers are buying more items that can be dressed up to go out and dressed down for the work place.


Opening Your Wholesale Account

Unlike other suppliers that require a you to fill out a wholesale application to provide proof, such as a sales tax or resale license number to open account. Being located in New Jersey where there is no sales tax on clothing, Consequently, there is no application process. Simply log onto our website and place your order. Please note we are "Wholesale Only" and do not sell to retail customers.


The ABC's of our successful 35 year buying strategy is as follows:



(A) Trending or Trendy



(B) Price: Meaning will YOU be able to sell it at a profitable margin



(C) Quality


In short try to avoid out dated merchandise no matter what the price. Set the trend in you store and reap huge profits! We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving your wholesale clothing needs this spring and summer fashion season.


For the best selection currently trending wholesale clothing, MeetPrice.com has got your clothing supply needs covered! When you shop for wholesale clothing at MeetPrice.com, your customers will thank you! The Very Best in Online Wholesale Clothing!



Below you will find our policies on "Privacy" , "Returning merchandise", "COD's" and "International shipment requirements". Please contact me if I can be of assistance. Looking forward to a long standing relationship.


Privacy: Any and all information divulged to MeetPrice.com will be held in the strictest of confidence.


COD Cashiers Checks or Money Orders Payable to Hudson Wholesale Inc.


ALL FIRST TIME ORDERS ARE GUARANTEED! If our merchandise does not suit your needs... RETURN IT for a FULL REFUND! Goods must be returned in 10 business days in the condition they were shipped and in complete size runs.


COD's: If an order is returned the purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges.(unless they are wholesale sample packs).


Refunds and returns: MeetPrice.com guarantees all of its merchandise from defects. Refunds will be remitted within 21 days of goods received in a timely fashion. Moreover, in the condition in which they were shipped. Postage incurred by shipper.(unless they are wholesale sample packs).


Shipping: If shipping terms are not calculated at time of sale. Shipment will be delayed until terms are reached. Most orders will be shipped in 3-5 business days.


All taxes, duties tariff and import charges that may arise on orders processed for international sale are the sole responsibility of the purchaser(s).


Orders shipped outside the continental United States: There is a $1000.00 pre-paid minimum on merchandise leaving the continental United States. International shipping charges cannot be calculated in real time, as we shop out shipping to several vendors, affording you the best shipping rate. We do not ship International orders USPS, we have no way to track packages via this method. We will not incur shipping charges on goods leaving the continental U.S. or on inbound returned merchandise. Customers returning goods will receive a refund on merchandise only. Any customer refusing merchandise at time of delivery will still incur shipping cost, these monies will be deducted from total cost and a refund will be remitted with due diligence. We suggest all international customers seek out the services of a forwarding agent. You will discover goods can be shipped at lower costs, moreover clearing merchandise through customs can be a pain staking process. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding international shipments. 1-201-489-7282.


Restocking fees: Any goods returned more than 21 days from the receipt of goods date will be subject to a 30% Liquidation charge. All goods not returned within 14 days will be refused and no refund will be remitted. We are constantly turning our inventory , approximately 2 times a month. If we receive 6pcc of an item back after it has gone out of stock, we have no recourse than to close it out at 30% less than we paid for it. We are loyal to our customers and will do what ever it takes to make your buying experience enjoyable. We only ask that that the professionalism shown to you be reciprocated. If you ever have a problem do not hesitate to contact me at 1-201-489-7282 or WhatsApp 551-251-0018. This is my cell phone, from 8am to 10pm eastern standard time Mon thru Sat during normal business hours. 



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