Saving Tips

Saving Tips


Are you a retail company who is looking to buy from a reliable wholesaler?


We strive to bring you only the best quality merchandise at the best value.

We believe your success is our success, so is your customer's success. 

Here are great tips to save your cost using


1. Save Shipping cost: offers USPS, UPS, and FedEx as our main shipping carrier. We use UPS shipping rate to calculate our shipping based on the weight. has been working with wholesalers and retail business customers over 40 years, the shipping cost is huge deal for our customers.

To save the shipping cost for your order, we encourage our customers to purchase items in bulk. 

Though our shipping rate is fair and we will keep it reasonable, the shipping cost might be more expensive than the item you purchase.if you only purchase few items.

If your shipping rate is lower than ours and would like to use your shipping account (Minimum order amount of $500 or more), please order what you need and send your shipping account number via an email with your order number.


2. Save with Mix and Match

As you can see at, we offer aggressive discounts on volume orders.

If you are planning to purchase more than 12 items but don't prefer to buy the same color, we can offer mix and match to provide your needs.


For example, you would like to purchase 12 pieces (S/M 6 pieces, L/XL 6 pieces) of the striped legging for your business.

Let's assume offers Black, Burgundy, and Gray for the particular product.

Rather than 12 Pack of one color, you would like to purchase Burgundy S/M 2pcs & L/XL 2pcs, Black S/M 2pcs & L/XL 2pcs, Gray S/M 2pcs, L/XL 2pcs.


You can go ahead and order one of 12 pack items, then call us at 1-800-832-1216 with the order number. Our account specialists will work with you to fulfill your order wtih you.


3. Save with Volume Pricing offers the best value for your bucks. If you would like to purchase more than 50 pieces or more, please call our account executives to fulfill your needs.



4. Save Time with Account Registration


We post great deals at Facebook, Instagram, and With simple registration as a wholesale customer, you can create an account on the fly. We'll contact you at your convenience and verify your account with easy & simple process. When you see great deals, just text: 646-543-8038. 

We will process your order based on your preferred action (pickup, ship, and hold) and you can order just in 5 seconds.


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